Movie reviews: ’60 seconds’ worth renting |

Movie reviews: ’60 seconds’ worth renting

Summer's ForecastSummer MooreGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

For any of you who saw David Cronenberg’s last movie, “A History of Violence,” I’m sure you have already formed your own opinion of his style.Using the same actor, Viggo Mortensen, as his main character, this film follows the same line of violence, mystery and lack of information. The reason the movie is good is because it brings you in so deep so fast that your on the edge of your seat immediately.The problem is where it goes from there. Call me old-fashioned, but I really need my films to have a destination. There should be conflict and resolution. The difficulty in “Promises” is that you are never really sure where the conflict is, you can feel it there somewhere but you are left in the dark feeling around for it.Not that Mortensen does not do an excellent job with his character, the accent is dead-on and he is as creepy as he is sexy. We cannot decide if we like him or hate him, which is a good thing.Mortensen also shows a ruthlessness that is necessary in today’s films, he fills a void of violence that Cronenberg is famous for.Also Vincent Cassel, who is Mortensen’s boss, is watertight in his depiction of a Russian Don’s only son. Cassel is convincing and true throughout, he loves what he does yet he lives in fear.

There is no one on planet earth that has not, at least once, wished they could see into the future.In this film by seasoned action movie director Lee Tamahori (“Die Another Day” 2002), that is exactly what the character can do.He can only see the future that directly affects him, and he can only see two minutes into the future, but it is still worth something do the Feds. Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel all star in this race to the future. The action is solid and the story line is good. Moore looks more masculine than we have seen in a long time as an FBI agent after Cage’s insight.I was personally very happy for Cage, he has not done a good movie in a while in my opinion, and I missed him. Here he is convincing as the sad hero, one that we feel for in entirety. The only reason this film did not get a perfect score is because it ends too suddenly, with no real conclusion, and also they did not tie in Biel’s character enough. She just seemed to be there for something pretty to look at, which, of course, she is.

If Nicolas Cage is what you desire after seeing “Next,” pick up one of his best. “Seconds” is about beautiful cars and beautiful people. Angelina Jolie shows up as Cage’s object of lust and looks the best she ever has.This film is full of great car chases and gun fights, not to mention internal struggles and family loyalty. Plus it is funny.The cast is concrete, with the team made up of people we all love and recognize but could never name. So, “Let’s ride.”Summer Moore’s movie reviews appear each Friday in the Options section.

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