Movie reviews: Evil Pfeiffer shines in ‘Stardust’ |

Movie reviews: Evil Pfeiffer shines in ‘Stardust’

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The classic epic battle between good and evil is something that is clearly not new to the big screen, yet this new wave of fantasy films turns it into something much more interesting to watch. In “Stardust,” good is played by the much-missed Claire Danes who is a fallen star, and her hero (newcomer Charlie Cox) the boy who falls in love with her. Evil however, is much more interesting. Michelle Pfeiffer is back after almost four years of nothingness and proves exactly why we love her. She is the always entertaining evil witch who is after the star to kill her and eat her heart in order to restore her youth. Pfeiffer really shines in this role especially considering this 49-year-old looks like she might have signed away her soul some time ago to look like she’s 30. And don’t forget the seven sons of the king who are after the star as well. These backstabbing heathens make for excellent comic relief and prove it with immaculate timing. The best part of the entire movie has to be Robert De Niro who plays Captain Shakespeare, the pirate whose hard-earned reputation is built on the façade he puts on for his crew, and then sings opera and wears women’s dresses in private. As the movie’s only montage, De Niro succeeds in turning our hero into a man, and showing him how to love. “Stardust” is not only worth the ticket price, but is worthy of date night as well.

Unfortunately “The Ex” is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Not to be so plain in language usage but I really expected better of Zach Braff (Scrubs) and Jason Bateman (Arrested Development). These two comedians have really proven themselves over the years and my guess is they both lost a bet with this one. “The Ex” is so predictable that all you would have to do is watch the first 10 minutes and know the entire plot. The overdone good guy has perfect girl (in this case Amanda Peet) and almost loses her to liar ex-boyfriend is just plain not good enough. In fact, the only redeeming quality of this entire movie is Charles Grodin, whose character is Peet’s father, the man whose lawnmower has a cup holder for his brandy glass. In fact Grodin deserves an Oscar for just making this movie just short of “I would rather be at the dentist” status.

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