Movie Reviews: ‘Superbad’ a super choice |

Movie Reviews: ‘Superbad’ a super choice

This is the newest of high school-genius comedies for the new wave of moviegoers. We first had “Clueless,” for a generation of teens who wanted to be Sher and live in Beverly Hills. Then we had “American Pie,” focused a little more on the normal side of high school, involving teenagers losing their virginities ” and looking good doing it.

This newest addition, however, is targeted toward an even truer look at senior year. “Superbad” is based in Anywhere, where three high school senior boys try to get to a graduation party where they are hoping to be some girl’s drunken mistake. Writer Seth Rogan (“Knocked Up”) sticks himself in the movie as a law-breaking cop who has some of the best one-liners since 2001’s “Super Troopers.”

The highlight, however, has to be Christopher Mintz-Plasse who plays Fogell, a super-nerd with a charm all his own. Maybe parents don’t want to hear it, but “Superbad” is a perfect take on the social life that is high school. This is not a movie to see with your family or on a first date, but perfect with some friends. It is raw, vulgar and completely unapologetic. I look forward to Rogan’s future projects, and will keep an eye out for the T-shirt “I am McLovin.”

Seriously. How could you possibly have a movie with Frank the Tank and Napoleon Dynamite and it not be the funniest thing you have ever watched?

The pair does it again with “Blades of Glory,” an underdog sports movie worthy of the two actors. Will Ferrell and Jon Hedar meet in this magnificent slap-stick comedy based around two figure skaters banned for life from singles competition, so they must become the first all-male pairs team. Ferrell again uses his nudity as a punch-line in itself and Hedar makes the best feminine male character in a while.

“Glory” is not without its first-rate cheesiness, however. Ferrell is an alcoholic sex-addict and Hedar a virgin whose signature move is the Galloping Peacock. But the two play off each other so seamlessly that it is bearable. The rival brother and sister team is rightfully played by SNL veteran Amy Poehler and husband Will Arnett, who pull off the creepy relationship flawlessly.

Their younger sister Katie (Jenna Fischer of “The Office”) is the surprise addition to the movie who gets Hedar’s attention and becomes a go-between for the two teams. The gags are scripted and usual for this cast but exactly what you should be looking for going in. If you aren’t a Will Ferrell fan by now, there is no reason to see this movie. For his fans, “Blades of Glory,” is a perfect addition to “Anchor Man,” “Old School” and the many other reasons we love him.

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