Movie season is upon us |

Movie season is upon us

The outside air is starting to bite. The leaves around town are getting crispy. We must be getting closer to my favorite time of year.

Good movie season.

I know most people like movies ” but I’m infatuated. I love the anticipation I get in front of a big screen. Even if I’m surrounded by strangers, the experience feels intensely personal to me. It’s just me and the movie. When I see a great film, I’m infused with energy and possibility. Some of my most magical moments have come about when I was in a theater and watching “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Once” and an old print of “Harold and Maude.” I can’t even fully explain it, but thinking back to those memories gives me goose bumps.

September is the time when good movies start to roll out, when studios begin to care about their arty films once more. And this is just the beginning. The closer we get to the end of the year, the better the stuff should become. Like anyone, I look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but my excitement for new films can be just as great.

This year, I’m still scoping out flicks, still looking for that celluloid sweetheart to place all my hope in. I already like the idea of “Yes Man,” (coming out Dec. 19) a Jim Carrey vehicle about a guy who decides to say “yes” to everything that comes his way. Maybe I’ll get into “Choke,” (Sept. 26) that strange-looking sexual drama based on the book by “Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk. Hey, I could even love the latest Bond adventure, “Quantum of Solace,” (Nov. 7) with the always tasty Daniel Craig. I don’t care what people say ” a blond can be a Bond.

Of course, here in the valley we may not get many of ’08’s most anticipated films until well into the new year, but at least that’s something to look forward to.

Until then, I’ll still be walking the two blocks from my house to the Springs Theatre. The truth is, I’ll still keep seeing whatever movies show up around here. I love the whole cinematic experience too much to stay away.

But I’m also itching for that movie that might actually make a difference to me. I want something that makes me laugh or cry or see the world in a new way. I want it to matter. And I don’t want to have to wait too long.

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