Movies offer a great escape |

Movies offer a great escape

Out There
Stina Sieg
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

By now, enough women have chronicled their “Sex and the City” movie experience that it might make mine a bit less bright and shiny.

But let me just say ” wow. That was like nothing else.

The movie itself was good, but it was the communal experience of the audience that floored me. I went with three friends, and we had to muscle to get seats together in nearly the front row. The place bursting at the seams with of women, many of them tipsy. Throughout the flick, we all laughed out loud together and clapped at the same parts. Every once and a while, someone would knock over a contraband beer bottle, and the crowd would chuckle. There were a few renegade, truly drunk girls who busted up at inappropriate times and talked over the dialogue. For the most part, though, it we were all in it together. When we poured out of the theater, I felt like I was with my people.

This is why we need chick flicks, I’m thinking now.

It’s wonderful to be reminded of those romantic urges and ideals. What’s more universal?

If these films aren’t your thing, they’re easy to mock. You may say that they have easy answers, predictable resolutions, far prettier people than exist in the real world. I say, so? I love them anyway.

I spend all day living in the real world. Between work, errands and road tripping, I’ll go on the occasional date. Besides the lovely, lightning bolt moments of first kisses and such, there’s so much embarrassment and learning and pain. It’s all so real. How nice it is to be able to escape into “Serenpity,” “Notting Hill” or “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

Hey, Colin Firth’s virtual hugs are always warm.

This weekend, I’m looking toward another few, rudderless days in the dating pool. I’m actually kind of optimistic about it. At its most explosive, your own romantic life can feel just like a film. There may not be any swelling music behind you or a pat ending, but I think the excitement is the same. When it’s good, I know dating makes me feel incredibly lucky.

And for all those other times, at least I have “When Harry Met Sally” to fall back on.

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