Music in their blood |

Music in their blood

Stina Sieg Post Independent StaffGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
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CARBONDALE, Colorado Pianist and guitar player Rob Dasaro has been helping fill the valley with music for a long while. Since 1992, hes played with Randolf Turner, Funky Monky and the Thunder Love and Elemenopee, among others. His daughter, Sophies resume isnt quite as long, but then again, shes just 11. The guitarist (and piano player) has competed in two Basalt Battle of the Bands (winning an honorable mention one year and Judges Choice the second). Shes been strumming on guitars since second grade.Though they share a love of songwriting and quite a bit of DNA this Aspen two-some are certainly their own musicians. During a recent afternoon, the pair were sitting in Sopris park, practicing and tuning, getting ready for their separate Saturday shows.

Rob: Oh, I dont know. I guess just hearing it. Feeling it and hearing it. I remember hearing songs on the radio as a kid, going on road trips with my parents, hearing songs I liked. When he was 9, he started baby-sitting for a women on his road while she gave piano lessons. Things forever changed after that.She realized I had an ear for music, so she started teaching me. So, I traded piano lessons for baby-sitting, and thats how I got into it.Sophie: My dad and, yeah, he drew me to music because I would hear him play. I guess Daddy did, and I liked to listen to a lot of music, and I liked to sing along as a little girl.

Sophie: Its good, because I always thought my daddy was famous.Rob: Im not famous. (Laughing)Rob: Its great. Its great to see her and all the other kids in the valley. Its great to see them take music thats meant so much to me and keep it alive and keep it going.

Rob: No, I thought she was sort of tone deaf when she started out. But it turns out she has a good ear. She has a great ear, and she has a knack for writing songs. … Taking your personal experience and putting it out there so people can understand it and relate to it, I think thats one of the hardest things about being a songwriter.

Sophie: Its kind of like rock n roll, but a little softer. Its like country, rock n roll and pop, all mixed together. Its like what Sheryl Crow plays, because thats my favorite artist.

Rob: Obviously, the age, gender, social influences of the time are big factors. But on a more organic level, were coming from different places. Shes a well-behaved 11-year-old girl, and when I started I was a rebellious teen. I think for both of us, the similarity is that you discover its an outlet. I definitely write from my keyboard, but I like rock n roll, and its definitely eclectic perhaps too eclectic.

Sophie: Sheryl Crow, Hannah Montana, Cat Stevens, Joss Stone, Gwen Stephani, Avril Lavigne, KT Tunstall, Taylor Swift, John Denver and Janis Joplin.Rob: The Beatles, The Doors, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead (Of course, he said), Felonious Munk, Oscar Peterson and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Rob: For me, the energy exchange, for sure. The more people get involved, the more fun it is. Its fun to bring it out, see how people react to it.

Sophie: I hope its a lot of fun. I want to give them the feeling I get when Im playing, that theyre in a whole different world. Its not just fun for me. Its everybodys fun.

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