My own emotionally draining healing session |

My own emotionally draining healing session

Kay Vasilakis
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Kay Vasilakis

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Everybody has their own demons.

Life throws many things at us, and they can take a toll on our well-being. Because we may not want to or can’t deal with some unpleasant situations, feelings may be stuffed for years, and we can wind up with a big ball of knots.

I know all about this, but I’m no expert. In order to work on myself, my issues and the anger I keep deeply hidden, even from myself, I’ve been on several couches in my lifetime. All had their benefits.

It isn’t easy to uncover ugly truths, and it’s hard work to get rid of old habits and beliefs that are not useful anymore.

Thoughts and voices race through my head most of the time, reminding me of my responsibilities and deadlines. Quieting those voices and releasing blocked energy and resentments was something I wanted to do, along with making room for more positive feelings.

I needed to take the time and make myself a priority. And since I can’t take a vacation anytime soon, a session with master healer and teacher Catherine Morgan seemed like just the ticket.

I had been on “Cat’s” massage table before, experiencing her healing touch. But this was so much different.

Being in a healing session in her peaceful office space was an opportunity to go inward, to explore personal issues, and gather strength to face my complicated life. It was emotionally draining, but something I had prepared myself to do. Time for me.

While going through my intake form, she said spiritual guides gave her additional information about me and where I was coming from, which was very interesting for me to hear. Me from a different perspective.

She told me her guides were telling her my rescue Quaker parrot, Zeno, who has abandonment issues of his own, will eventually stop biting at every opportunity, and to not give up on him. And that he knows how much I love him already. That was very comforting.

We talked about spiritual cords running from my abdomen that were causing blocked energy. She told me she would cut the cords and pull them out of my body to make room for regeneration and healing, something that could have been scary, but I had complete trust in her and knew she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

During the grounding meditation exercise, it was calming to hear Cat’s soothing voice and timing, which helped in the visual journey of the exercise that started and ended at the top of my head.

Then we moved to the massage table. But there was very little touching. With an eye pillow covering my eyes, I observed her spiritual guides helping her. I could feel Cat’s arms symbolically and energetically cutting the cords, tugging and pulling them out of my body, letting go of the cords and all the resentment and anger they represent. I let go of all the tension to make room for spiritual healing and my own personal power. I felt lighter and at peace.

I’m not saying this experience made me enlightened or closer to God. But I sure do feel good. And I know where to go if those old knots start tightening.

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