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Naming the band

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A band’s name can say a lot about the group, or nothing at all for that matter. And according to musician and member of Funkiphino Chris Fischer, “coming up with the right name is the hardest thing. You can’t force it.”

The 11-member Boulder-based band brainstormed for weeks before a suitable moniker jumped out at them. Although as a community newspaper we can’t say verbatim the phrase that inspired Funkiphino (pronounced Funk-If-I-Know), paraphrased, the inspiring phrase was one member saying he didn’t know the answer to another band member’s question. Fischer said people often pronounce it incorrectly, making those in the know easily identified.

Influences can be a good start for some bands ” in Summit County band The Kilgore Trout’s case, literary influences.

Member Keith Brabant said all the musicians in the group are fans of late author Kurt Vonnegut, who uses the character Kilgore Trout in several of his books. He cites the “element of chaos” and “coming to grips” as what the character represents.

Go ahead, take a moment to evaluate the meaning behind the name of Denver band Soul Rabbit ” pictured on this page …

“When Jon (VonSeggen) and I first started recording, I had a tattoo of a rabbit on my left arm, and he had a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for ‘soul’ on his left arm, so that’s how we came up with the name Soul Rabbit,” guitarist Bret Sloan explained.

OK, that wasn’t fair. But the next one makes sense, and even wagers into the intellectual. Joanna Pane is the lead singer of Denver’s New Dialectic. The band is comprised of two classically trained musicians along with two who were strongly influenced by hard rock.

She writes in an e-mail, “‘Dialectic’ = the synthesis of two contradicting ideas. We included the word in our band name to illustrate the product of collaborating in songwriting. We’re coming from different backgrounds and musical tastes to make a final end product.”

Others can gain meaning along the way. Summit County’s The Burn, which ended its seven-year run this April, coined their band after Breckenridge’s black diamond ski run. Yet, according to member Peter King, “through our personas, etc., it kind of attached itself to the 420 deal … but we did not set out to be a pro-weed band or anything like that. I guess the short answer is we named ourselves after the trail at Breck initially and then it kind of morphed into what people identified us as.”

Frisco is Ruined is what local band FIR stands for. Andy Held described the meaning as, “a bunch of longtime locals having fun.

“As residents of Frisco, the band members have come to view our name as a slogan and euphemism … besides, The Beatles were too good for us to use The Pine Beatles.”

Trying to be cool, represent the genre and come up with something people will remember is not always an easy task. Maybe that’s why there are so many Dave Matthew’s Bands out there. For Double Parked, a classic American rock group out of Denver, not being pretentious was a jumping off point.

“It seems like a lot of bands come up with a lot of pompous names ” the ‘project’ or the ‘experience,’ ‘allstars’ or ‘future’ in the name, and they’re not very good.” he said. “We were just thinking of a more down-to-earth name, and Double Parked was kind of laid-back and a little nonsensical. It was a phrase that popped up when we were starting to get together and it just stuck … It’s kind of a reaction to ridiculous, over-the-top names. We later found out it’s the name of a popular porno series.”

For bands out there looking for a name, check out Just type in one key word, and it will do the thinking for you, “coming up with cool band names for rock, punk, emo or other musical styles.”

Personally, I don’t have a band. But if I did, and it included the key word “Leslie,” I could be rocking out as “Leslie Garage,” “Leslie Cheese” or “Hawk of the Leslie Llama,” thanks to the Band Name Maker.

Leslie Brefeld can be reached at (970) 668-4626 or

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