National security comes from making friends, not enemies |

National security comes from making friends, not enemies

Dear Editor:

There’s a lot of “politikin” going on right now about how we can make people safe. The president has a new plan. Some of the Congress people have a plan. The CIA and the FBI won’t even talk to each other. Everybody is worrying about their turf. And even though we have the most humongous military the world has ever known, and even though it is spread all over the Earth, apparently nobody feels very safe. In fact, the president even has us in a perpetual war just to make us safe.

But the one thing we don’t seem to hear any talk about is why. Why don’t we feel safe? Why aren’t we safe? Why is it that people in other countries don’t like us and will even sacrifice the lives of their young men to try to bring us down?

It seems to me the answer is very obvious; it’s because we are the big bully on the block. It’s because we do have our military right in their backyard. It’s because we support any darned dictator in their country who will give us what we want, which is mostly access for our big corporations to take whatever they think they can make more money with – their oil, their metals and minerals, their farm land, their people to work for slave wages, even their water.

The way to be safe is to have friends instead of enemies. And the way to have friends is to treat other people as friends. Respect their right to democracy, their right to take care of their own natural resources, their right to work for decent wages, the right of their laborers to organize, their right to be treated with respect and goodwill. If we can ever get it through our thick heads, especially through the heads of our leaders, that this is the only way to be safe and to feel safe, then and only then will we ever be really safe.

As Jesus is quoted as saying (Matt. 26:52), “Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword.” That’s us, those who live by the sword.

Chuck Worley


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