Nationality is not the issue, it’s immigration |

Nationality is not the issue, it’s immigration

Marc Richardson

Dear Editor,

Hey, Kevin Meyers, you can only assume when I said immigrants, I meant immigrants! Anything else are your words.

Nationality is not the issue. Using a Social Security number that you know is not yours is a serious crime.

I don’t go by race or nationality, I go by whether or not the Social Security number matches the Social Security Administration records when I call it in.

For my business year 2003, resident aliens are 0-8 on valid Social Security numbers. That’s a 0 percent compliance rate with just one law they agreed to obey at entrance.

Having worked in the Valley 25 years using my correct Social Security number and same name for that matter, I know this has been going for at least eight years. Because a government agency is inept at its job, laws are openly being broken without fear of any consequences.

Flying an airplane into a building may be the most obvious way, but not the only way to do harm to the United States.

My question for Mr. Meyers is: Why did you assume I meant Mexicans? That sounds like it would include all law-abiding Mexican citizens that are here. I meant immigrants (foreign nationals) from anywhere that are allowed entrance into this country on the simple condition that they obey the laws.

I’m not afraid to have my identity open to public scrutiny (or personal attacks) and they shouldn’t be either, unless they are hiding something. Savvy?

Marc Richardson


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