Natural Law Party: prevent disease by eating natural foods |

Natural Law Party: prevent disease by eating natural foods

Dear Editor,

On Monday evening, Aug. 12, 2002, I attended a meeting of COGEAN, Colorado Genetic Engineering Action Network, in Boulder. A video titled “Risky Business – biotechnology and agriculture” was shown and discussion followed.

Most people in the United States are unaware that genetically manipulated organisms now are found in 80 percent of processed foods. There has been approval of the development of these GMOs by the Clinton and now Bush administrations to the point of suppression of the FDA to do its legally delegated job of testing these foods for safety. The argument goes: If you put something natural from a Brazil nut into a soybean you still have something natural. But you also get people with nut allergies now allergic to soybeans. And other ill effects, like an increased risk of cancer of the colon and breast in humans who drink milk from cows treated with a genetically modified bovine growth hormone injected into the cows, GMO corn proving harmful to Monarch butterfly reproduction and fatal to soil microorganisms, genes flowing into the wild creating superweeds, and a fear of threatening the efficacy of antibiotics.

Monsanto, the largest producer of GMO seed in Winnipeg, Canada, in 2001 had a huge voluntary recall of GMO canola seed after discovering trace amounts of an alternative version of a genetic trait. What were they afraid of? A GMO corn variety unproved for use in human foods caused a massive recall of tacos and other foods in the United States and Japan and cost its manufacturer millions of dollars. These products are untested, unproven to be safe and are inappropriate and unnecessary.

The Natural Law Party platform includes mandatory labeling and safety testing of GMOs.

Last week I also attended a lecture at Aspen’s Given Medical Institute on the obesity epidemic, by Dr. James Hill. Now 70 percent of Americans are overweight due to poor food choices and inactivity. The speaker endorsed more walking, which is a no brainer. He also said fast foods and junk foods are as much to blame as the computer leading to inactivity. I disagree. The corporations producing junk – McDonald’s, Coke, Monsanto – need to be held culpable for not producing a healthier, more nutritious product, and the government needs to be doing a better job protecting the health of its people. Ice cream and candy producers are exempt in the United States from using known carcinogens in their products because their lobbyists have gotten Congress to exempt them from food regulations. Our children eat these things. They are food. They should be healthy. The best medicine is preventive medicine.

The Natural Law Party platform also believes in restructuring our health care system from a disease care system to a prevention oriented system, renewable energy, organic agriculture, campaign finance reform and education that develops the student’s full creative potential.

I am running for state representative, District 61. Please support me and call for more information. 963-8932.


Dr. Abba Krieger


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