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`Negative’ becoming a political buzzword

Sharon Robyn

Dear Editor,

As the next election (barring an unforeseen nation-wide power outage canceling it) draws near, we’re beginning to hear the right wing’s word-of-the-day choice: negative.

This word will be used over and over to label anyone stating any facts, i.e. the policies, decisions and presidency of Dubbya are a “miserable failure,” just as the word “traitor” was used to label anyone who questioned them at the outset.

The whining about negativity is especially a sickening pretense coming from this GOP pack of bloodhounds who gave full cry as they were on the scent of a blue dress. For how long? At the cost of how much?

While our country’s needs sat on hold they were finally able to run Clinton to the ground and ask him where he got his gold tie.

Clinton lies, Bush lies, is there a degree of worse?

Sometimes the truth is negative. I’m sure the Wizard of Oz thought Toto was a pest, and being negative too, when he kept pulling the curtains aside to reveal the imposter behind them, pulling strings and creating smoke. This time he’s wearing cowboy boots.

So, please pick another word of the day. American’s intelligence has been insulted enough.

Sharon Robyn


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