New Castle woman works hard for her children |

New Castle woman works hard for her children

Kay VasilakisPost Independent StaffGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Chad Spangler Post Independent

NEW CASTLE, Colorado – Janet Muttillo says that all she does is work and take care of her kids. But that seems to be enough to make her happy.

Muttillo followed her sister, Jeannie Long, from Wyckoff, N.J., to New Castle more than 20 years ago. After Long graduated from nursing school, she moved to Denver with her nursing school roommates and planned Muttillo’s vacations, including Steamboat Springs, Estes Park and Glenwood Springs. Now both sisters live in the New Castle area. Muttillo’s son, Matthew, is a junior at Mesa State College, studying for a business degree. Muttillo is working three jobs to put him through school. “I didn’t go to college, and I work very, very hard,” said Muttillo. “I don’t want my son to have to work as hard as I do. I’ll probably do it for Maiah, too.”Maiah is Muttillo’s 15-year-old daughter, who is a junior at Glenwood Springs High School. She is very creative and artistic, and will most likely attend an art school in Denver after graduation.Both of Muttillo’s kids are busy working this summer, and Matthew is saving his money for his college books.Muttillo works in administration at the U.S. Forest Service during the weekdays; as a bartender and events coordinator at the Eagles Club Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights; and at Downtown Drug all day Saturdays.”All I do is work and take care of my kids,” she said, exhausted. “I go out to lunch occasionally.”

But you would never know she is exhausted, as she cheerfully gets everything done in all facets of her life.Matthew started the heavy metal band Cryptic Hour three years ago, when he was still living at home and attending high school. The heavy metal crowd comes off as scary to some people.”They used to practice at my house, but I had lots of fights with the homeowners’ association about the noise,” she laughed. “Some of the homeowners thought the band played satanic and sadistic music. They’re Christian kids, and there’s nothing satanic about them or their music.” The band is not practicing at Muttillo’s house anymore, and the neighborhood is happier.Muttillo has been working at the Eagles Club since the club remodeled the bar area almost two years ago. She realized the need for area teens to have something to do and a place to go. She also knew the Eagles Club is one of the only local places which has a venue big enough to accommodate a large group. She got the idea to use the Weirick Room at the Eagles Club for all types of bands, including heavy metal groups for teens. She took a proposal for the concerts to the Eagles Club board of directors for consideration and approval. A few weeks later, Muttillo got the go-ahead. Now the Eagles Club is seeing a profit, which pleases the majority of the club’s trustees.Muttillo works with Eric Smith of Prophesy Records to book a variety of bands, including well-known national touring hip hop shows and punk bands. She has also booked music specifically for adults, including Acoustic Mayhem, a local bluegrass band, classical rock band Flashback, and Tom and Camile Toler, who perform a variety of music including jazz and country western.

“We got Capillary Action from Philadelphia, who are an internationally known touring jazz band, and an avant-garde Czech rock band, Uz Jsme Doma (pronounced ooje smay doma).”A group calling themselves Nabahe set up an easel in the corner of the concert room, and, as an interesting complement to their music, a group member created a layered painting during the entire performance.”I love it, the kids love it. They need a place outside school to express themselves and be creative.”The Eagles Club’s efforts have brought quite a following with the teens. Muttillo gets to know and support them, which is a boost to their self-esteem, and the teens appreciate her. Some kids have been to every concert the Eagles sponsor.Eagles Auxiliary President Anita Moulton says the auxiliary supports her special events for the young adults and for the members. She commented, “Janet’s always happy, very involved with her kids, community conscious, and into worldly issues. Did I mention that she has more energy than the Energizer Bunny?”Muttillo loves her work with booking music for area youth, and wishes she could make enough money at one job so she could concentrate all her considerable efforts and earn a good living.George Weirick, known as “Mr. Entertainment,” was a Glenwood Springs Eagles Club member in 1902. He hosted films, boxing matches and dances in the building he donated to the Eagles Club. He would be proud Muttillo and the Eagles are providing entertainment in the same building in 2008.

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