New Year’s wishes for things the way they were |

New Year’s wishes for things the way they were

Dear Editor, My “New Year’s Wish List” results from attending my 55th high school reunion last September. Among our discussion topics was how fortunate we were to have grown up in the ’40s and ’50s. If things were now as they were then, we would:• be proud rather than apologetic about being Americans• be thankful to have God in our pledge of allegiance• appreciate why marriage should be only between a man and woman• respect the office of our President rather than demean it• elect officials to represent constituents rather than rip us off and pad their pocketbooks• have manners that teach how to say thanks and show respect.Yes, and here is how different some other things would be:• reverence for the flag would prohibit burning it • network news would be informative rather than a cesspool of drivel• personal appearance would be a matter of pride rather than an exhibit of tattoos and body piercing• grades in schools would be A through F rather than “acceptable” or “not up to standard”• perverts would be locked up rather than paroled as “sex offenders.”And, in keeping with the season that is just passing: • Christ in Christmas would be recognized as its origin rather than eliminated as secular • there would be four meaningful bowl games rather than 28 – with many lousy teams having records of 6-5 • there would be no Super Bowl contenders with a record of 8-8 Let freedom ring,Richard DoranParachuteSmear campaigns and turncoat politiciansDear Editor,Re: Letter: “Ken Salazar calls for bipartisan cooperation,” Post Independent 12-27. How about “Genghis Khan sends fruit basket to Mongol Hoard.” Nothing like a political Janus to shine a light on the many faces of political insincerity. Pete Coors is still having the deluxe Ginsu set removed from his post-election backside. This particular Senatorial race was highly illustrative of issues that many Americans have with career politicians. They fuel campaigns with a cocktail of enmity and bile and market themselves as the founders of the “group hug” once they get in office.I don’t think anyone would pretend that Salazar invented smear campaigning. That said, if you rode into town wearing a black hat, don’t be so quick to change clothes. If being a turncoat is acceptable, then we need to have hypocrisy disclaimers during campaign advertising. “I’m Ken Salazar, and I approve of this slander. However, I may, at some later date, exhibit characteristics of a dignified individual. Should this occur, you may disregard this unflattering aspect of my character.”Bruce MonroeNew Castle

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