No coincidence city reconsidering airport, golf course |

No coincidence city reconsidering airport, golf course

Larry Beckwith

Dear Editor,

Boy, you have got to feel sorry for our elected City Council members.

It seems more than coincidence that they are being asked by city staff to reconsider issues like urban growth boundaries, the closing of the airport (again) and now certificates of participation, designed to put city property as collateral for debt, after the voters have already said no to such debt, but also to the long staff-desired 18-hole golf course.

I think the city staff has decided this is the time to push their agenda against the will of the voters, since they size up this council’s response to staff’s recommendations.

That being said, only two will act as stewards of the citizens of Glenwood Springs and consider the will of the people. Two will do what staff wants. Two are fence sitters waiting for the last argument (which staff has) and one doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on.

Therefore the worst that staff can do to complete their agenda is 4-3 in their favor.

Larry Beckwith

Glenwood Springs

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