No excuse not to shut down Prehm road |

No excuse not to shut down Prehm road

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Walt Brown for information concerning the county-owned access through Prehm Ranch. There is no excuse now for the Commissioners and Mr. DeFord not to shut down the Prehm access into Westbank.

Mr. DeFord especially has this responsibility. Instead of shutting the road down when it was first built, it seems that Mr. DeFord and Westbank lawyer Mr. Beattie got together and decided to do a “joint lawsuit” against Prehm.

This was a lawsuit everyone knew Westbank could not afford, and one in which the Westbank residents were never consulted. It was initiated on emotion. One should not be surprised about the inevitability of a last-minute settlement after all the Westbank funds were depleted.

The vital question is: What was the reason for the lawsuit? Why didn’t Mr. DeFord do what he was supposed to do and shut the road down?

As Westbank residents, we hear cryptic bits of information, evidently originating from our lawyer, that the county “sold us out,” and that “three months into the lawsuit Mr. Beattie knew the county wasn’t going to do its job.”

Westbank residents have paid over $50,000 for this seeming charade, and the legal bills are still piling up. Our lawyer is fighting against the bike trail now in favor of Prehm’s “private” road. Again, the homeowners were never consulted.

We get hate mail and abusive phone calls for expressing our opinions. But now according to the latest information, the county holds all the cards over Mr. Neiley with owned access through Prehm Ranch of up to 160 feet wide. Additionally, in June 2001, the county vacated all public vehicular right of ways through the Oak Lane cul-de-sac, so there seems no reason left for Westbank to cave in to Neiley’s demands. Unless we are indeed being “sold out,” as has been suggested.

Let’s get the rest of the cards out on the table. We know you have the ability, Mr. Stowe – but will you really do the right thing this time and vote NO to the Stipulation of Settlement and YES to the bike trail with a cease and desist on the illegal road?

Mr. DeFord. – was it you that “sold us out” by not shutting the road down in the first place? Either way, you have the opportunity to correct this situation now. Will you do the right thing this time and shut down the road? As a Westbank resident, I still say yes to the hiking trail and no to the road.

Susan Duroux


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