No imitation required … maybe |

No imitation required … maybe

Donna O'FlinnSpecial to the Post IndependentGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Donna O'Flinn

Bouncing from page to page on the Internet, there is an amazing likeness with students. The back-to-school frenzy is certainly causing some stress.From natural-looking wavy hair to exotic printed flats, it’s hard to choose the best look for girls.Also, watching people frantically rush into stores to find that “perfect” accessory gets a little irritating. Not only are they looking for clothing that is probably way over-priced, but it’s also not-so-fashionable.The abrasive sparkle of an oversized bow-shaped pin can add to an already adorable outfit, but the originality is all lost.

From what I’ve seen, and heard, it seems that what is fashionable is completely misinterpreted. Imagine, there is a beautiful woman walking toward you. Automatically you look at her attire – a perfectly fitting, fur-lined hoodie, a pair of skinny jeans, and some classic Vans. Then she turns that corner and she is out of your sight. Due to the fact that the only thing you really saw was the fabric, you want it; because you think that it will make you look as alluring as she was.That is where the modern view of fashion was created.In that tiny amount of time, so much is seen. But sadly, the only thing committed to memory is the color and shape of an outfit. Without even realizing it, you see so much more to that girl. She is confidant, has an aura of power emanating from her. As she passes you she smiles a true smile, one of politeness and sincerity.She is more than the dress, and yet that is all that is remembered.

“Fashion is crazy,” said Taylor Bosworth, of New Castle. “Different and fun, it can be anything you make it. Fashion is made from personality.”In her insightful explanation, there are some obvious key points.Different implies individuality. Fun is enjoyable. So how throughout history has being “fashionable” translated to following painfully in someone else’s footsteps, losing your true self along the way? I believe that it is all misinterpretation.

The clothing that is in “style” was once worn by someone who was truly themselves, and the clothing reflected that. So, naturally, someone noticed and assumed that the clothing is what made the person themselves and therefore began to dress that way.In reality, the clothes had no affect on the trueness of that person’s self. The clothes simply reiterated the fact that they were original, and enjoyed being themselves. So in choosing hair styles, make-up, accessories, tops, bottoms and shoes, keep in mind that true fashion is a window to express your personality.The truly fashionable are true to themselves.Donna O’Flinn is a reporter with The Titan Times newspaper at Coal Ridge High School. She is headed back for her senior year this fall with a style all her own.

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