No injuries or structural damage from rockfall south of Glenwood Springs |

No injuries or structural damage from rockfall south of Glenwood Springs

Multiple large boulders sit on the side of Highway 82 just south of Glenwood Springs after they tumbled down the hill late Sunday night.
Chelsea Self / Post Independent

Sometime late Sunday or early Monday morning, multiple large rocks slid onto the westbound lanes of Highway 82 on the southern outskirts of Glenwood Springs, causing a lot of noise heard in nearby neighborhoods but no damage.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Region 3 Communications Manager Tracy Trulove confirmed that there were no injuries or damage to the road structure caused by the rocks.

“There were some pretty decent-sized rocks that came down,” Trulove said. “One of them was about half the size of a small Subaru.”

Trulove explained the fall was likely due to fluctuating cold and warm temperatures in the area during a short timespan.

Although there’s really no way of knowing, she said it was unlikely that last week’s small earthquakes centered just north of Glenwood Springs had anything to do with it, given that the rocks fell several days later.

“I think if it had been caused by the earthquake, we would have seen something closer to that timeframe,” Trulove said.

She added that it does not appear there is a danger that the rockslide knocked any other large rocks loose.

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