No reason to shoot Jenny |

No reason to shoot Jenny

Maria Lough

There was absolutely no reason for them (NCPD) to shoot that dog!! The only reason the dog acted “viciously” against you was that she was frightened. For example, how would they feel if they were outside and some strangers kidnapped you, and you found yourself in the back of a strange car. I’m sure they would be frightened just as Jenny was. She only acted vicious out of pure fright. Another point must also be made. If the Garfield County Animal Control Officer would spend more time in central and western Garfield County, this problem shouldn’t and probably wouldn’t have arisen in any case. They should have contained the dog until an Animal Control Officer was available. Once again, I must reiterate the fact that the dog was frightened. There are many ways that she could have been calmed down.

Just as with all of today’s kids, force is not an option. As another example, how would they feel if they were in a very stressful environment and someone was prodding them out of their “comfort zone,” which in this case was the back of the police car.

I understand your reasoning for not letting the dog loose again, though I will never know if she would have caused problems. Wait, she never caused problems in the first place. The situation was very wrongly handled.

Maria Lough

New Castle

Age 14

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