No tax cuts until Iraq is rebuilt, troops are home |

No tax cuts until Iraq is rebuilt, troops are home

D. Ferrel Atkins

Dear Editor,

Since it is well known in my community that I opposed the war in Iraq, I’m asked today if I “support the troops.”

Of course. We all do, who pay taxes.

But, I remember World War II when we supported the troops with sacrifice rationing of meat, sugar, shows, tires, gasoline, perhaps other items I’ve forgotten. Although it seems silly now, I was vexed because as an early teenager, I lived on a farm in the country and my dating was severely restricted because my father’s work gave him a C-card for gasoline which strictly limited use of the car for pleasure.

So, I believe “support of the troops” requires more than simply flying a flag on an SUV.

With surpluses having fallen to a $300 billion deficit and with a forthcoming request this week for $80 billion more for the Iraq war, I am appalled to read in a March 19 newspaper that Senate Republicans are caterwauling in the midst of a national emergency about how to sustain the Bush tax cut for their wealthiest friends.

So support the troops as I did today, write your U.S. Senators and tell them there should be no consideration of tax cuts until the war and rehabilitation are over, Iraq is a functioning democracy and the troops have returned home.

D. Ferrel Atkins

Charleston, Ill.

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