No way to contain GMO seeds |

No way to contain GMO seeds

Lou Mortensen

Dear Editor,

Imagine you have been a farmer on the Great Plains, growing canola seed for 40-odd years, and all of a sudden, in your early 70s, Monsanto Corp. lays a lawsuit on you claiming you were growing their patented GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds.

Their seeds were blown into a gully near your farm. Your fellow farmers receive letters threatening them with the same kind of lawsuits if they don’t pay $100,000 and allow Monsanto police on their farms and consent, in a written contract, to never sue Monsanto for any reason whatsoever.

Consider this reign of terror conducted by Monsanto, an American corporation. You contest Monsanto’s claim and go broke defending yourself. The case goes before the Canadian Supreme Court, which overturns previous rulings declaring that, in Canada, you cannot patent higher life forms, e.g. a seed or a plant.

This shocking story was told by Percy Schmeiser at the televised Bioneers Conference, 2003, in Telluride, Oct. 17-19 (consult the Telluride Public Library for video).

Mr. Schmeiser has words of warning for the world, for the U.S. and for Colorado. There is no such thing as containment of GMO seed. Pharmaceutical crops, which are GMOs, will be grown in Colorado next year by a French company, Meristem Therapeutics, in Phillips County, near Sterling. Write or call your Colorado legislator.

For more information, contact Uncompahgre Valley Association, Box 472, Montrose, CO 81402, or call (970) 249-1978.

Lou Mortensen

Glenwood Springs

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