No way `to serve and protect’ |

No way `to serve and protect’

Dear Editor,

Sheriff Dalessandri, your response to Mr. Paul Cutright’s letter was careful and polite but missed the point entirely. And it also failed to answer the critical (and only) question asked: “Could you explain to me what higher priority that deputy could have had at that moment, that he could not have stopped and rendered assistance?”

Well? Second chance to play sheriff. Was there a triple murder or something up ahead that just didn’t make the news? His emergency lights were not on before the fatal accident scene so we know he wasn’t responding to a prior emergency.

A “person standing on the roadside” waved him through! Wow! What awful judgment, only to be outdone by your incredibly blase response, which demonstrates your complete acceptance of the deputy’s dereliction of duty.

How, exactly, did he “serve and protect?”

Are you really that out of touch with the daily, routine responsibilities of your deputies? Makes me wonder when the last time was that you were actually at an emergency scene? Without a fire and cameras, I mean.

And, folks, in just my last column I warned you to be wary of Democrat bias in the media, especially in an election year, locally and even in the sheriff’s race.

Case in point. How do you suppose the good sheriff managed to get his response to a letter to the editor in the same issue as the letter itself? Is he magic? Wish he were that good at basic law enforcement.

I’ll tell you how. His Democrat friends at the Post Independent were worried about the negative fallout from Mr. Cutright’s letter (as well they should have been) in this election year, so they immediately contacted him so he could respond immediately and avoid fallout during the several days it normally takes to get a response actually printed.

Only way it could have happened. I rest my case.

Turns out the sheriff’s feeble, condoning letter and the Post Independent’s behind-the- scenes maneuvering were much more negative than Mr. Cutright’s simple, justified question!

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson

Editor’s note: Mr. Cutright’s letter, sent to the sheriff and this newspaper, raised a serious question that called for an immediate answer from the sheriff. We held Mr. Cutright’s letter for one day to allow the sheriff to respond. The sheriff’s political affiliation had nothing to do with the decision to publish the two letters together.

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