Nobody likes war, but sometimes it’s a must |

Nobody likes war, but sometimes it’s a must

Lyn Fix

Dear Editor,

The more I hear about protesters of the Iraq war, I also see how violent some of them get in their peace rallies. I often shake my head and try to see these people’s points. I don’t disagree, I just know that this Iraq war is justified, because Saddam has these ugly weapons that will kill thousands of people. He has fired missiles that he said he did not have. He has no concern or regard for his own people, because he tortures and kills them.

I don’t like war either, but this is the only means to get rid of Saddam and his hateful, cruel ways. We can keep trying for peace anyway and hope that someday peace can be within everyone, regardless of our skin color, but reality says it’ll never happen.

What would these protesters say if President Bush or any other country leader did nothing and that “insane” man who calls himself a man of God bombed our country or another country? I can almost guarantee they would blame Bush for not acting.

I praise our military people for putting their lives on the line so others can have freedom. Nobody likes war, but sometimes it’s a must.

Some people get a great joy hurting, controlling and killing others. Were we supposed to stand neutral when terror hit New York and killed thousands? I think not. I’m thrilled that the United States has a president who’ll fight for his country and who cares about the American people.

Lyn Fix

Glenwood Springs

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