Nonresidents should help pick up tab for free lunches |

Nonresidents should help pick up tab for free lunches

Dear Editor,

This letter is concerning the increase of the Re-1 school lunches from $1.50 to $1.85 (about a 30 percent increase). As a single mother of three, I am concerned and can’t help but wonder . What is the Re-1 School District doing to ensure that both U.S. residents and nonresidents (who are the majority receiving free school lunches) are equally funding the National Free School Lunch Program? Shouldn’t it be a requirement not only to present proof of income (i.e., check stubs) but also proof of paying taxes, thus presenting U.S. income tax returns? We voted in favor of a tax increase on our properties (mill levy) and thus were promised fewer students per teacher for grades K-3, but yet every year we see an increase in class sizes. Yes, Re-1 gets money for each child that is enrolled in our school district but then again, doesn’t this money come from us, the taxpayers? Also, shouldn’t there be stricter guidelines on who receives the Kindergarten Tuition Scholarships such as those mentioned above?

Leticia Sanders

Glenwood Springs

P.S I don’t mean to sound prejudiced, but many nonresidents avoid paying taxes altogether because they claim way too many dependents on their W-4’s, and yet I believe that over 95 percent of those receiving free school lunches are those children of nonresidents.

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