Not amused by NRA commentary |

Not amused by NRA commentary

Norman L. Herwick

Dear Editor,

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent must have lacked material to fill column space as evidenced by their choice to run garbage such as that by Dan Fesperman, a Baltimore Sun reporter. If the article is an attempt at satire concerning the NRA it fails miserably in all respects. The author apparently takes his information from the Clinton/Gore handbook on gun control. Did he ever hear of the innocent people that were killed at Waco and Ruby Ridge by overzealous government agents?

There will always be those among us that will try to make the world believe that the phrase “The Right of the People” referred to in the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution, confers an individual right to the citizenry, while the same phrase in the Second Amendment of our constitution only confers a collective right. Many people left the party of Harry Truman when it became clear that those who followed in order behind him were bent on rewriting our Constitution to reflect their own new age views.

Consider this: In the unlikely event we should be called upon to defend our shores against a foreign invader who would be likely to stand with our military in our defense, the NRA or some thumb-sucking big-city reporter?

Norman L. Herwick


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