Nurse knows Western medicine but treats with Eastern medicine |

Nurse knows Western medicine but treats with Eastern medicine

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Kathleen doing acupuncture

As a nurse with a long history of daily migraines, I tried everything Western medicine had to offer and found it sorely lacking. Acupuncture was a last resort for me. I was so impressed with the acupuncturists and the system that healed me that I decided to learn it. In the process I realized that it was my calling. I began with a sincere desire to help as many people as I could using a combination of Chinese medicine , acupuncture, herbs and Western mind-body approaches to healing and pain control.

Kathleen Menten is a board certified nurse, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who has been practicing acupuncture since 1986 and nursing since 1969. She helped to create the Integrative Medicine Program in the cancer center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she did acupuncture and was part of the pain team. Kathleen’s passion is helping people to find meaning in their lives and to rewrite their story when their current reality doesn’t appeal to them. Kathleen’s eclectic philosophy is reflected in her acupuncture style. It’s a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, five element, scalp acupuncture, auricular acupuncture and muscle activation technique. Inside each person lies a wealth of knowledge, capabilities and power rarely transmitted to the conscious mind. Acupuncture provides a catalyst for developing these creative possibilities.

Herbs constitute an important part of Kathleen’s individualized treatment plan. The Chinese herbal system is the safest, most comprehensive and most respected herbal system in the world. Herbs relieve symptoms rather than suppress them. When properly prescribed, herbs are much safer than drugs. Plants contain natural buffers, so they are less likely to produce allergic responses than drugs. When used with acupuncture, herbs strengthen the results.

Kathleen uses mind-body approaches in her acupuncture practice to help with pain and stress control.

The above techniques are combined to manage symptoms while addressing the underlying imbalance.

Kathleen focuses on healing in the context of a relationship, a caring partnership in which there are shared goals, trust and hope. She spends the entire hour of treatment with each client, using the above modalities. This helps to create a secure and safe environment , facilitating her client’s own innate healing potential.

As a nurse, Kathleen helps people navigate the complex world of Western medicine while treating you with Eastern medicine.

Fine tuning old skills and learning new ones. Kathleen learned a new system of acupuncture this year, scalp acupuncture. Acupuncture needles are placed in the scalp over each lobe of the brain, affecting its functions. Scalp acupuncture produces impressive, even miraculous results in central nervous system problems. It gives hope to people with: MS, Parkinson’s, CRPS, phantom and residual limb pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, etc.

Serving people who like having a close, professional, supportive relationship as they activate their “inner healer.” Serving the community in areas of my expertise.

Glenwood Springs and New Castle have a lot of character. The surrounding area is unsurpassed in beauty and recreational opportunities. The people are awesome. I flourish in the mountains.

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