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Obama leads cash race in Glenwood Springs area

Pete Fowler
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” The Democratic donkey is kicking the Republican elephant’s tail in terms of local donations to presidential campaigns.

People in the Glenwood Springs area have donated much more than twice as much money to Democrat Barack Obama than they have to his Republican adversary John McCain. Obama received $5,125 from 10 donors in the 81601 area code covering Glenwood Springs and the surrounding area, while McCain got $2,000 from three donors there, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ website, http://www.opensecrets.org.

The numbers come from Federal Elections Commission data that was available on June 30. They include donations from Jan. 1, 2007, through May 2008 and do not include donors who gave less than $200.

One of Obama’s more generous local donors is Ted Edmonds, a consultant for a travel company. He gave Obama a total of $1,000. Stephen Worrell of the Worrell, Durrett and Jaynes PC law firm gave Obama $750. His colleague Greg Durrett gave Obama donations totaling $650. Gerald Hartert also gave Obama $650.

Public defender Garth McCarty gave Obama $500. Software consultant and former Roaring Fork School District Re-1 board member Bruce Wampler also gave Obama $500, according to the website.

Edmonds said he could have supported either Obama or Hillary Clinton, but now Obama is more electable and more likely to work with Congress effectively.

“I think he (Obama) is the best man for the job,” Edmonds said. “I certainly don’t care for McCain. He looks like another copy of George W. Bush to me, and I don’t think we need another four years of that.”

Edmonds said he likes the fact Obama has lived overseas and has a better understanding of the world and the way the world sees the U.S. He also likes that Obama is “incredibly intelligent” and plans to do something about the bitter partisanship that has dominated things in Washington.

The most important issue Edmonds thinks Obama will influence is foreign affairs. He agrees with Obama making it clear that invading Iraq was a mistake, and also Obama’s plan to reallocate troops to fight the resurgence of al-Qaida in Afghanistan or parts of Pakistan. Edmonds also likes Obama’s desire to seek compromises rather than confrontation. And he admires Obama’s ability to raise large amounts of campaign money at a grass roots level.

“If and when he were elected he wouldn’t be as beholden to the big political action groups that I don’t think necessarily speak for us,” Edmonds said.

Retired Glenwood resident Miriam Berkeley gave McCain $1,000. Attorney Ted Hess and Dr. Harold Young each gave McCain $500.

Hess, an attorney who spent 31 years in the Marine Corps, said McCain’s record and military service make him the better candidate because they show McCain puts the country ahead of himself. Hess said McCain will fight “pork barrel” projects and work to keep things fair. One example Hess mentioned was McCain’s calls for criminal investigation into the Air Force when it awarded a pricey contract for a model of mid-air refueling tankers that weren’t selling well.

“McCain single-handedly smelt out that this was corrupt and wouldn’t let go of the issue, and ultimately the assistant secretary of the Air Force for procurement was convicted for basically corruption,” Hess said.

Hess likes McCain for his independence, honesty, intelligence and sense of humor. Hess said it’s important to have a man or woman like McCain who is already accomplished in another field and has a great sense of self and doesn’t need to prove who they are by becoming president like a career politician would. McCain also wouldn’t succumb to the same financial influences others have, Hess said.

“One of the beauties of McCain is he’s not going to be in the pocket of big business the way that many of the Republicans in power appear to be,” he said. “McCain is not that kind of Republican because he’s a career naval officer who puts his country first.”

He said Democrats linking McCain to Bush couldn’t be more wrong and are merely using “a classic kind of modern election ploy” to try to negatively define the opponent. He added that he suspects factions in Iraq can’t live without U.S. troops there and if Obama were elected, many troops would still be in Iraq 16 months later despite a “show of withdrawal” and vows to withdraw most troops. Hess plans to donate more to McCain and go door to door to talk to people on his behalf.

From the 81611 zip code covering Aspen, Obama took in $60,820 and McCain got $15,050. Donors in the 81623 zip code covering Carbondale and areas south to Marble and beyond gave Obama $13,358. They donated $8,200 to McCain.

Overall, Obama has raised about $339.2 million and McCain has received around $132.7 million. Obama took in $52 million last month, more than doubling McCain’s contributions of $22 million.

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