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Corinne Garland

Corinne Garland was born September 2, 1952 to Theodore and Paulette Garland in Austin, Texas. Corinne spent more than half her life in California, sometimes working in real estate. In her 20’s, she lived and worked a few years in Boston, MA. She met her future spouse, John A. Sharp in January 1990, a long time Valley resident. She and John lived in Aspen for several years in the mid – 90’s and were active in the community.

After 7 years, Corinne & John parted ways but remained close friends. Corinne’s mother Paulette was born in Paris, France. She and Corinne traveled to France often.

Corinne held dual citizenship. John and Corinne traveled extensively during their 7 years together. As a teenager, Paulette worked for the underground during WW2 occupied Paris where she helped to hide the Jewish people from the Nazi’s. Corinne is survived by her half brother, Theodore Garland Jr., a University of California,

Riverside Professor, nephews Jaden (14) & Theodore III (16).

Corinne passed away March 13, 2016 from Ischemia with John by her side in Albuquerque, NM. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Contributions can be made to the ASPCA.

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