Irma Mills Boyd |

Irma Mills Boyd

Irma was born at Grenville, New Mexico, the youngest of six children. When she was nine years old, and the family holdings had been wiped out by the Depression, the family moved to Huntsville, Arkansas, where she graduated from high school. After graduation she went to Washington, D.C., where she worked as a secretary for the U.S. Maritime Commission. At the end of the World War II she became a member of the occupation Forces in Tokyo, Japan, where she worked as a Reference Librarian in General MacArthur’s Headquarters. For recreation she joined a Little Theater group and played the part of Mary in the Christmas Story and a minor role in the Life of Ernie Pyle, along with several dance routines between scenes.

Jack Boyd was one of the first persons she met after arriving in Tokyo, and they were married a year and a half later, twice — at the American Consulate building in Yokohama on 11 July and again at GHQ Chapel in Tokyo on July 30, 1949.

They had two daughters, Irma Ellen and Wendi Lei. When Jack died in 1987 she went on to join the Sun City West Posse (Maricopa County, AZ) where she served for ten years as a dispatcher, patrol person and receptionist. She was also elected to the Board of Directors for her Condominium Association serving as a secretary for eleven years. She joined a bowling league where she met Archie Dixon who became a beloved friend and neighbor for twenty-seven years. His children, Cheryl, Mike and Time, became her second family. Her youngest daughter, Wendi, passed away in 2002. Irma is survived by her daughter Ellen Wheeler, three grandchildren, Misty Walton, Steven Webster and Arshella Wight; and four great-grandchildren.

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