Jedediah Austin Sissom (4/28/1989-12/11/2016) |

Jedediah Austin Sissom (4/28/1989-12/11/2016)

The valley — the world — lost one of its greatest lights on Sunday, December 11, 2016.

Jedediah was a bright voice of laughter and kind, humble encouragement to everyone who had the privilege of having any part of him in their lives. He was a loving brother and son and a fiercely loyal friend. A non-stop comedian, a philosopher and excellent back country skier, an accomplished pool player and loving friend, Jedediah loved the mountains he worked and played in and had no desire to live anywhere else.

Jededilion is survived by his Mother Goose, Jennifer Wiggins (Duff), father Joey Sissom (Heather), stepfather John, brothers Jeremiah, Josiah and Jamison, and his little sister Jessyca. Jed had and extensive extended family who appreciate him and all he was. Jed cherished spending time with his cousins committing various shenanigans at family gatherings, and was a very dedicated man to all those related to him by blood or choice. The quantity of his friends and acquaintances was only exceeded by their quality, and all who knew him admired him and loved him. We are beyond grateful for the miserly amount of time we enjoyed his presence in our lives and will never stop expecting to hear his voice.

Memorial services will be officiated by Jed’s friend, Aaron Masimer, on December 31, at 12:00 PM, at New Hope church in New Castle. Food and drink will be available at a gathering after the services, where all are encouraged to share the part of Jed they have with the rest of us.

We love you Jeddie. Wait there, we’ll be along in a while bubba.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that well wishers donate funds to the JEDEDIAH SISSOM MEMORIAL FUND at Alpine Bank.

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