Jeremy Arthur Back (Feb. 8, 1988 — Feb. 2, 2017) |

Jeremy Arthur Back (Feb. 8, 1988 — Feb. 2, 2017)

Jeremy Arthur Back greeted the world warmly on February 8, 1988, and he gently found peace on February 2, 2017, from natural causes.

He is survived by mother, Jeri (Chris) Menzies; father, Daryl (Carol) Back; brother, Steven Schafer; sister, Anne Back (nephew, Grayson Back); sister, Candise Giron; grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – too many to name.

Few individuals have the capacity for love that Jeremy had. In today’s society we tend to be so consumed with tomorrow’s to-do list that we often forget the moments we are in, this was never difficult for Jeremy. He was more concerned not with the car you drove, but the joke that was being told during that drive; it wasn’t the brand of phone you had, but the conversation.

If you knew “El Jay” you knew something cute or goofy about him; his quirkiness; his subtle gestures and clever sense of humor. These were his tools for connection, but above all, his music was his favorite way to bond. Find Jeremy Arthur on YouTube, and download Alpine Shore, Life’s a Beach CD.

The bedrock of life will always be love. So true for Jeremy. True for you. True for us.

“If I just had one thing left to say, then I’d tell you that I care for you in oh so many ways” — Jeremy Back

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