Mildred Lucille (Maffet) Johnston |

Mildred Lucille (Maffet) Johnston

Mildred was born to Claude Price and Edna Mae Roberts in Stergin, MO. She went to the same school as her dad. There were only two other boys in the school and they were a grade ahead of her, so they had her skip a grade. Mildred rode a small pony to school, that the boys would race to see who got to ride it to the corral and feed it. Later when her Dad sold the pony, the man loaded it in the back seat of his car and drove off with it.

One of Mildred’s favorite memories was pot luck dinner’s by the creek and they would cook the catfish they caught. A not so favorite memory was when she went wading in the creek and got covered with leeches. Her dad scraped them off with his pocket knife. Another least favorite was when she got a bucket of coal for Christmas, because she had refused to wash her feet.

When Mildred was 11 they moved to Colorado because of her mom’s health. She suffered from TB. She had to leave her favorite doll with a cousin she wasn’t very fond of and she still gets upset about it. It took them a week to get there and they ate a lot of fried potatoes and apples.

Her mother passed away 8 years later and she had asked her to look after her younger brother who was a hand full. He would tease her boyfriends and in general be a pest as most younger brothers feel is part of their job description. This was around the time of the great depression.

One day when her dad came for lunch he heard her screaming and found her in the outhouse doubled over with pain. He ran back in and called the doctor, who made a house call to the outhouse. It turned out that she had appendicitis.

While working at Wiswell’s Creamery she met Paul H. Maffet who later became her husband. They later moved to Pueblo, Colorado where they had two daughter’s, Inez (Diane) and Paula 14 months apart. They were by then living on a ranch North of Pueblo in an old chicken coup they had fixed up. Mildred had to trap jumping spiders and chop off rattlesnakes heads to keep her girls safe. All in all though it was a great life.

They were later divorced and Mildred married Lewis Johnston. She was married 25 years to each, so she always said she was married for 50 years, just not to the same guy. They moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and she lived there for 45 years. The last 13 years she had lived independently in Sunnyside apartments. Her favorite thing to do was eating out. At the end she was legally blind and hard of hearing, but still determined to be independent, until she broke her hip and got pneumonia right before Christmas of 2014. After a brief stay in rehab she moved to be with her daughter in Wyoming. She hung on for a family reunion and a celebration of her 99 1/2 birthday party. She passed away 4 days later and will be greatly missed. She is survived by her daughters Inez (Diane) Ripley of Woodland Park, CO and Paula Holeman of Auburn, WY. She had 9 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren, 15 great great grandchildren.

Services will be held at the Church of Christ in Glenwood Springs at 11:00 A. M. on Saturday August 1st. In lieu of flowers send a donation to Sunnyside Apartments or the Traveler.

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