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Ramon Romero Sanchez

Ramon Romero, 57, passed peacefully in his home in New Castle. After a prolonged agony with an unbreakable hope to get better, Our Lord called him home marking September 1, 2015, as his last day of life on earth.

A humble and generous man, good brother and even better husband, an amiable and exemplary father has left us now to rest in peace with comfort and grace in abundance.

He is survived by his everlasting partner, friend and wife, Mary, who stood by his side through all his struggles and glories. His children Ramon and Soira whom with their undying affection and concern provided the moral support that all fathers yearn for in life. His brother Heberto and sisters Amelia, Barbara, Silvia, Hilda and Sandra, always thankful and full of love for him. And by his father Ramon, who with temple and character formed him.

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