Richard B. Veit |

Richard B. Veit

Dick Veit passed away January 12th in his present hometown of San Rafael, CA. Dick was born in Paris, France, in 1921 to a French mother and American father. Moving to Connecticut in 1935 Dick eventually graduated from Princeton. He then volunteered for the US Navy Reserve where he served a total of 15 years and received his Chief Mate’s license. In 1962, Dick returned to school and received an Architectural degree from Harvard. After time in the Virgin Islands Dick moved to Carbondale in 1990 to be near his daughter and grandchildren. He lived in Carbondale till 2009. Dick is survived by daughter Alexandra Schwaller of Junction City, Oregon; son Dick Veit Jr. of New York; grandchildren Monica and Emily Schwaller of Carbondale, CO, and Darren and Brian Veit of Seattle, Wa.; and wife Jane Veit of San Rafael, CA. Dick will always be remembered for having a sharp intellect, amazing wit, and a genuine respect for all people he met regardless of their walk in life.

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