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On election eve, House candidate Lauren Boebert predicts ‘landslide’ for GOP at rally in Rifle

U.S. House Republican candidate for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District Lauren Boebert on Monday spent one final rally before election day galvanizing supporters in her hometown of Rifle.

Boebert hosted the rally at Shooters Grill, her restaurant in downtown Rifle that not long ago came under public scrutiny after she refused to follow pandemic health guidelines earlier this spring. Following a moment of prayer, Rep. Perry Will, R-New Castle, spoke to the crowd.

“I think we’re going to get everyone across the finish line,” said Will, who’s currently defending his House District 57 seat against Democratic challenger Colin Wilhelm. “… We need to take this state back.”

Boebert is running against Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush of Steamboat Springs after defeating incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Tipton in the primaries earlier this year.

Keeping in the spirit of the opening prayer, Boebert first ushered in her speech by praising and quoting God, telling her supporters to listen to him and be obedient to his calling.

“He said that he will open doors that no man can shut,” she said, the crowd listening attentively. “God can make a way where there is no way, for we have to recognize when that way is the way we think it should be, to follow it.”

One of Boebert’s callings, she explained, was in the past counseling female prisoners at a Garfield County corrections facility. This, she said, is why she opened her restaurant – to create opportunities and wealth for some of these same women, who to this day open carry.

Boebert then continued on by condemning Democrats for allegedly trying to control people’s lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Look at what this pandemic has shown us – how much control they will take over our lives,” she said. “They want to disarm you. They want to tell you who’s essential, who’s not, where you can shop at what time of day – how old you have to be at what time of day – what you have to wear… They don’t want you to be free citizens – they want you to be subjects.”

Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., who’s currently running against Democratic challenger John Hickenlooper, also attended the event. Gardner asked the crowd if Democrats would create the same chances for success that he had while growing up in the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

“The answer is exactly right – no,” he said, as a murmur of nos came from the crowd. “Because (Senate minority leader) Chuck Schumer and (Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi don’t believe in us – they believe in the government. They believe that only Washington D.C. knows best.”

Crowd response

Watching Boebert sign autographs and pose with people for pictures after the speech, Silt resident Susannah Gonzales was impressed by the rally.

“I think it’s awesome,” she said, smiling. “I’ve been to one of her other rallies that she had in Silt… she’s going to get in office.”

Asked what she wants to see from Boebert if she’s elected, Gonzales touched on healthcare.

“(I want) different healthcare. That’s my big thing,” she said. “I pay way too much for healthcare.”

Silt Trustee Sam Walls, who also gave a brief speech during the rally, explained what he wanted to see from Boebert if she is elected.

“To be honest with you, No. 1 is to protect our Second Amendment rights,” he said. “Number two, I’d like to see some voter reform so we can have some voter IDs so we’re not having this mess that we’re having right now…”

In a post-rally interview, Boebert said her campaign so far has been excellent.

“We’ve not left anything on the table,” she said. “I’m so proud of my team, the volunteers, the people who love this country, who have put so much into this.”

Boebert said she’s spending election day at a private event.

And if she wins?

“Well, I think the first thing we do is vote for the speaker of the house. We’re going to get rid of Nancy Pelosi,” she said. “I’m making a run at being on the energy and commerce committee. And that’s going to be really effective for our district… I want to be on the front lines of continuing energy independence and pursuing energy dominance.”


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