Only truth endures |

Only truth endures

Dear Editor,Hunter shoots himself. Sales of Hunter paraphernalia are up. His followers revel in their grief and pass a post mortem joint with feigned reverence as his children propose a statement for the masses. Hunter was in control to the very end, not allowing chance or genetics or fate to determine the hour of his departure. His glass was full. Will some Hispanic housemaid clean up the mess? Now let’s blow his ashes out of a cannon in some final act of attention seeking self-glorification. It is interesting to see how comprehensive are the consequences of Hunter’s own spin on his personally contrived humanist manifesto.In opposition is the traditional view of suicide; an act, the result of despondency so deep that reason and hope are abandoned and that redemption no longer possible. We are called to endure to the end and depend upon grace for our strength and salvation that even in that final hour we may be found faithful. Faith, that priceless commodity we cannot purchase but can only gratefully receive as a gift.What I note is not some difference in point of view or a shade of turning in understanding between these two positions, but how comprehensive and diametric is their opposition one to another; both in statement and in consequence. It should give us pause at very least, and better, a tangible clue to the true authorship of these two worldviews.In the end a thing speaks for itself through its permanency. Only truth has substance; only truth endures.Eric PedersenGlenwood SpringsSalmen’s statements interestingDear Editor,As organizer of the pro-life prayer vigil that took place last Friday in front of Glenwood Medical Associates, I found Dr. Paul Salmen’s statements regarding the event to be of interest.His concern that the vigil may cause “more harm than good” is to be expected since it has the potential to inform the people of the Roaring Fork Valley about the position of GMA in regards to abortion, and even affect “business as usual.”Dr. Salmen’s lament that abortion is a “wedge issue in our community” suggests that consensus at all costs is the best alternative to dealing with controversial issues. That may be true if the single most important issue is financial gain. Recall that many important social issues (slavery, civil rights) were wedge issues.When abortion politics took hold of the medical profession in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision, the Hippocratic oath, which had previously denounced the performing of abortion by physicians, was altered. The medical profession would no longer safeguard all human life. So while medical technology now allows doctors to perform heart surgery on unborn children, and lawyers to prosecute for the “illegal” murder of the unborn (Peterson case), these same children continue to be put to death in our medical clinics. And Dr. Salmen considers this legitimate healthcare.So why are we praying in front of GMA? Edmund Burke put it best when he said, “all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”Katrina JimenezGlenwood Springs

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