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Open minds

Dear Editor,

Now is not the time for narrow beliefs and the arrogance of a few to prevail. Everyone needs to be heard.

Our community should welcome Cindy Sheehan with open arms. There may be no better place than a church, especially one that is home to a congregation that has as its motto; “open minds, open hearts and open doors.”

Carol and David Hauter

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I wanted to comment about gas prices.

Every day I commute from Rifle to Vail to work. I hear on the radio that Vail has the highest gas prices in the state, but I’ve noticed over the last year that information is not true.

When I first moved from Gypsum to Rifle four years ago, downvalley gas stations on average were 25 cents cheaper per gallon than gas stations in Eagle County. Now, downvalley gas stations average 20 cents per gallon higher than in Eagle County.

I believe that the cost of doing business in each county is a lot higher than Rifle, Silt or New Castle.

I noticed as I left Rifle today that fuel was $3.25 per gallon, a 50-cent increase in two days. Parachute was $3.15 per gallon, a 40-cent increase in two days. The price in Glenwood was $3.40 per gallon, Gypsum was $2.95 per gallon, and finally, Vail was $3.07 per gallon. Remember, Vail has some of the highest gas prices in the state.

Also, why a 50-cent increase in price when everyone on national news says it is 10 to 15 cents?

Why is the gas in the ground, which was purchased probably two months ago, being sold at the higher rate? I think the answer is profiteering, and I wish the Colorado Attorney General would get involved. I know I’ll be calling them.

I have decided not to buy my fuel in Rifle anymore. I will buy my fuel in Glenwood Springs or Grand Junction, and if that means buying a 150-gallon fuel tank for my truck and filling it up once a month, then that’s OK with me.

I hope other people realize that it’s not Vail where the highest gas is in the state. It’s Rifle.

Rob Paine


Dear Editor,

People! This is a call for unity.

You have heard the maxim, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Well, that’s what our government has done, and is still doing, to us.

If we want jobs that pay well and provide health insurance, benefits, etc., we must unite, put away all prejudice ” Asian, blacks, Latinos, all races. We can no longer tolerate a country of greed and selfishness.

No more corporations making all the money while we, the poor and middle class, take pay cuts while doing all the work.

Let us set aside our differences and stand united. And then, just maybe, we will be heard. End this idiotic corporate-sponsored war. Let them be accountable for their actions.

We need another peace movement. So get off your butts and turn the television off, put down that beer, which makes us feel comfortable, and step up to the podium. Stop this once and for all.

Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Let us not fall any further into a corporate takeover.

JoAnne Morgan


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