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Operation Vacation a wonderful mission

Dear Editor,

I wish to express my appreciation for April E. Clark’s article in the Sunday, Aug. 21, issue of Post Independent titled “Mission: Relax.” And, certainly, I wish to extend my deepest appreciation for Bob Johnson, a Realtor for Vicki Lee Green Realtors in Glenwood Springs, for creating the Operation Vacation program six months ago.

I’m a Vietnam veteran. The stress veterans experience in combat is tremendous. Having a family, like as Pfc. Ian Vanderheide does, significantly increases this stress. I was single while in Vietnam, however I witnessed the loneliness of many married men.

Programs such as Operation Vacation are very important to our troops. These programs refreshing troops so they are much more alert and less likely to be harmed when they return to the front. Given the arrival of the new football season, we know the significance of “home field advantage.”

I implore others to support Bob Johnson in his mission and would ask people to sacrifice the price of their next two coffees and/or the price of the next movie ticket and, instead, send a donation to Operation Vacation, P.O. Box 2371, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602.

David White


Dear Editor,

Susan Hakanson and I have been approached by some citizens concerned about the True Value school board recall. They report questionable tactics being used by those gathering signatures. If you’ve been asked to sign the True Value petitions, we need your help.

Were you told that the statements on the petitions were true because an official certified them? Were you only asked to help save True Value by signing a petition, but not told it was a recall petition for elected school board members? Were you told about the legal requirements for signing the petitions?

If you witnessed these or similar situations, or otherwise felt misled by the petition circulators, you can help us fight this recall by telling us about what you experienced. Please e-mail savegshs@savegshs.org or call 945-1590. Your help can make a difference.

The design process for the new GSHS is nearly complete, and this school will be an incredible asset for our community for the next 50 years. However, the budget is tight, and Glenwood could lose the new school altogether if the recall succeeds.

Those behind the recall would deny our children the best educational opportunities possible. What kind of lesson are they giving our children by trying to undo the results of a fair and open election for their own benefit?

Help Susan Hakanson and me continue to work for all our kids by helping us fight the recall. See our web site, savegshs.org, for the truth about the new GSHS. Thank you.

Bruce Wampler

vice president, RFSD board of education

Glenwood Springs

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