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Oscars one more reason they hate us

Dear Editor,

A few evenings ago ABC News had an exclusive preliminary view of a model in a diamond studded evening gown but not the Oscar recipient who would wear the gown at the Oscar ceremony. It is worth a paltry $5,000,000 according to the designer.

Prior to the growth of satellite TV, much of the world could not understand any radio verbal description of the Oscar ceremony and certainly did not read the next day’s newspaper descriptions of the stunning gowns or, in recent years, the depth of the evening’s cleavage competition.

When worldwide satellite TV became common, the poorest citizen in the remotest part of the world could understand the TV pictures of the limousines and the ceremonial aspects of the view. A picture still beats a thousand words.

President Bush and countless other advisers have stated that hopeless poverty is the breeding ground for terrorists.

The dress designer says that profit on the post-Oscar auction will be donated to a good charitable cause. Do the viewers in Afghanistan know that? Or North Korea? Or any of probably 100 other countries? What does it say for the judgment of the designer or the recipient? Or for the industry that attempts to exceed last year’s excess with an ever greater spectacle.

I know – for me there is an OFF switch. But with nothing else to do will the vast majority of the viewers who live on $1 or $2 a day reach out and turn off a TV set that a group is watching?

Lorenz T. Martensen

Glenwood Springs

P.S. Will we ever see a ceremony with the “Thank you” limited to one minute and to no more than two recipients? The odds on Powerball are better.

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