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Dear Editor,

Since the negative rhetoric continues unabated day after day in this newspaper concerning the war in Iraq, I thought it may be interesting for your readers to read what a federal judge who was in Iraq recently had to say.

Of course I am sure many will not wish to read this because it could possibly change their opinions of why we are there, as it did this judge’s.

Those who want some insight that is not slanted by the liberal media should read with care.

The link to the article is: http://globalspecops.com/view.html

Enjoy and God bless America,

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

As a Rifle/Silt resident for over 25 years, I’ve always been very proud of living in these towns. They are wonderful places full of considerate and giving people and I would never want to live anywhere else.

It’s an exciting time to be here now when you can drive around and see the new City Market, the Highlands Elementary school and businesses coming in across the river.

Our town is growing , expanding and working towards being more than a bedroom community.

The growth has demanded bigger spaces in our public schools, and the community came forward to pass the bond in 2001 to build and expand school facilities.

Now the need is on the inside of our buildings, where you can’t see the need with the naked eye and where the bond money is not allowed to be spent.

We have some great educational programs in place, and the teachers have dedicated a lot of time in advanced training to heighten student achievement.

But when money gets tight, programs get cut.

While you might get by, you don’t excel.

I think Rifle’s students deserve to excel. We need to support the mill levy to keep fair wages for teachers, fund the expanded needs of the high schools, provide money for full time kingergarten and start up base costs for before and after school programs.

The schools are a reflection of our community and we want to shine.

Tracy Peterson


Dear Editor,

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write and congradulate the Rifle Bears on their victory over Palisade.

I am 2,000 miles east, but I grew up in Rifle. My nephew graduated from Rifle in 1996 (one of the first years that Palisade began beating the Bears) and I have admired the Bears sports programs for many years. Congratulations Bears and coaches for a long-awaited win!!

Joyce Mattingly-Herbstritt

Erie, Penn.

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