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Our community speaks out for peace

Dear Editor,

I can barely express in words the pride and gratitude I feel for this community’s participation and support for this weekend’s peaceful protest against a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. As I watched 850 people stream down Grand Avenue and gather in front of Scott McInnis’ office to affirm their commitment to peace and justice, I felt a strong sense of hope that we can hold our government accountable to the true interests of our people.

I believe that as Americans we do not want to see our brothers, fathers, friends and other loved ones die on foreign soil in a conflict that will breed instability and hatred in the Muslim world inciting and magnifying the real threat of terrorism.

I believe that Americans are just and peaceful people. We want to live within a world community defined by relationships of trust and cooperation not military domination and persistent insecurity.

I believe that as Americans we want to see our hard-earned tax money go to improving the lives of Americans rather than being sucked into the bloated pockets of defense contractors and into the ongoing cycle of deficit spending and interest payments that result from massive defense budgets.

Above all else I believe that Americans cherish and value the right to life. I believe that if any of us had to stare into the eyes of the Iraqi mothers and children that are to become the “collateral damage” of this war that we would never sanction our government to do what it is proposing to do.

I hope that as a nation we can make decisions based upon wisdom and justice rather than fear and greed. In the end of this great crisis I hope that the noble principles upon which this nation was founded will remain standing, and that the United States will take its rightful place in the international community as a beacon of freedom, justice, and peace.

Thank you,

Ryan Conrad

Glenwood Springs

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