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Our Towns 11/4

The Fashion of PoliticsHow do social activists celebrate Halloween? They dress up as political statements and put on a fashion show for a nonprofit organization.The Stepstone Center held their first annual fundraiser on Saturday called “The Fashion of Politics” at the Carbondale Community School.More than 30 male and female models and artists mixed thought provoking art and fashion that was geared toward wearable statement in the genres of environment, elections and local issues. While the show was the brainchild of Amy Kimberly, she had a crew of more than 50 people who helped build a real fashion runway complete with lights and live music.The Stepstone Center was created in 1997 to organize individuals into a group that was interested in making the world a better place by addressing some of the pressing social justice issues in the valley.One of the center’s latest projects was to help launch Roaring Fork Biosdiesal Coop, a plant in Carbondale that converts French fry grease into diesel fuel for cars and trucks.For the show, participants used clothes and artwork to give a political statement. One person dressed as a man trapped in an oil well while Miss America married a man emblazoned with corporate logos. As the couple walked down the aisle, he took her money and threw it away.In a segment that touted recycling, models wore a line of hemp clothing and skirts made out of men’s ties.Mika Stump, beautifully naked from the waist up danced in front of images of her African ancestors while Bunny Wailer’s “Rise and Shine” played. Her political statement was to remember your history and your culture. “Rise up and shine. Do that and you can do anything,” said Stump.The Stepstone center believes that real change happens when each person takes personal responsibility for what happens in the world.The last segment featured Maya, an artist from Carbondale dressed as an Arab. He sang Lewis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world,” while harrowing images of some of American’s worst historical moments from the 60s and 70s flashed on the screen. The Vietnam slides being some of the most powerful.”We’re headed down that same road,” said Dean Moffatt.Whatever road is next, everyone seemed to agree with executive director of Stepstone, Scott Chaplin.”No matter who wins, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”3704From left, Steve Perreault, of Glenwood, works at Osage Garden Greenhouses; Allen Davenport, of El Jebel, is a youth professional; Gina Cousino, of Carbondale, works for Marble Charter School; Eric Baumheir, of Carbondale, is a landscaper and Andrew Mile, of Carbondale, is a carpenter. 3708From left, Farland Fish, of Glenwood; Darci Sistalove, of Paonia; Soozie Friedmar, of Carbondale and Jahnel Possiel, of Paonia is a teacher and dancer.3713From left, Tessa Munson, of Carbondale, is a home health care provider; Glen Cell, of Rifle, manages Abbey Carpet; Kira Batterson, of Carbondale, and Lisa Herty, of Carbondale, works for Grana Bakery.3716From left, Thomas Radtke, of Glenwood, is a dancer and massage therapist; Willow Mannan, of Carbondale, is an artist and Sandy Pickard, of Silt, works for Solar Energy International.3724From left, Wendy Moffatt, of Glenwood, is a ReLiv Distributor and Dean Moffatt, of Glenwood, owns Sundesigns, an architectural firm.3734From let, Marion Lyons, of Redstone; Caroline Lewis, of Carbondale, is a designer; Amy Kimberly, of Carbondale organized the event and is development director at KDNK and Mtn. Fair director and Teal Hoffmann, of Carbondale, is a cosmetologist.3735From left, Mary-Lauren Wilkins, of Carbondale, is a consultant for Arbonne; Terril Scott, of Carbondale, works at the Carbondale Clay Center and Felicia Trevor-Gallo, of Carbondale works with Latino issues at the Stepstone Center.3738From left, Lori Adams, of Carbondale, is a neurofeedback therapist; Cody Lyon, of Carbondale, is a songwriter and Ruther Powers, of Carbondale, teaches at Colorado Mountain College and works at a gallery.3742From left, Ananda Banc, of Carbondale; Angie Rile, of Glenwood; J.C. Riggio, of Carbondale; Adam Coyne, of Glenwood, and Maya, of Carbondale, an artist.3747From left, Amanda Tugwell, of Carbondale, is a graphic designer; Billy Bob, of Carbondale, is an electrician and Lance Pfeiffer, a corporate lawyer.3770Mika Stump, of Carbondale, is assistant director at the Stepstone Center.3771From left, Scott Chaplin, of Carbondale, town trustee and executive director at the Stepstone Center; Jeff Jackel, of Carbondale, __________ for the town of Carbondale and town trustee Russ Criswell, of Carbondale.

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