Parallels exist with Bush government |

Parallels exist with Bush government

Dear Editor,

In his letter titled “Bush no communist or Nazi?” Brian Delaplane found my recent letter to be “astounding.” “Astounding” as it may have been, there are well-recognized parallels between G. W. Bush’s infiltration of our government with his stooges, using the same techniques. I wonder if Mr. Delaplane bothered to Google the writings of Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on her time served in the Pentagon? It documents the casebook political control of the functions of our Department of Defense by Bush and his chickenhawks in the buildup to the invasion of Iraq.

Brian wrote, in part with: “Hitler’s speeches of the 1920s and ’30s were geared towards restoring a sense of pride” … etc. Wow, that sounds like you are justifying Hitler’s speeches, made on his march to seize control of Germany! You were probably not around then, but I seem to remember that he was using the Jewish faith as a major whipping boy for the problems of “The Fatherland”. (Ms. King, are you paying attention to this exchange?)

Delaplane’s view may be slightly tainted by his present employer (U. S. Army?). It saddens me that someone with his obvious world view cannot see the similarities between the right-wing idealogues that now control our country and the authoritarian figures from the past. Speaking of “authoritarian figures,” I highly recommend a new book by John Dean (of Watergate fame) titled “Conservatives Without Conscience.”

Granted, we still have relative freedom of the press, but give the Neo-conservatives in the Republican party enough free rein and that will be only a beautiful memory.

Jan Girardot

Glenwood Springs

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