Pass it on to the younger generations |

Pass it on to the younger generations

Dear Editor,Fellow senior citizens, let’s use our gray power to make choices most beneficial to our nation in the election. Many of us lived through the Great Depression and survived it. Many of us participated in a global war against fascism and national fanaticism and were victorious. Most of us helped create a powerful middle class (which is now dwindling), fought against inequality, and contributed to making America an example that democracy can work. Before we exit from the scene, let’s be sure the America we have known, loved, and helped shape is available for our children, grandchildren, and great- grandchildren. I suggest we cast our votes putting aside any personal considerations or inherited political preferences. Be willing to “sacrifice” for the good of our nation as did those of our generation, and those before and after us who gave their lives for the preservation of principles which could be lost if we make the wrong choices Nov. 2. Consider those who gave their lives for the preservation of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all citizens, not just a chosen few; who gave their lives to protect a “government of the people, by the people, [and] for the people,” not of, by, and for corporations and big-money interests. Vote for a change of administration before it’s too late and give a new administration a chance to preserve our hard-won democracy. Let’s not lose what so many have struggled and died to gain. Mary BolandCarbondaleKerry is a glib wafflerDear Editor,Successful Con Men tend to be very glib.Point in question, John Kerry at the first presidential debate. John Kerry is a man of wealth, who has never done a real day’s work in his life. He is a very glib waffler. But he does have many supporters who are impressed by his glibness – his smooth, oily talk.And his followers don’t analyze what he says. As a strong fan of the United Nations, the World Court, and Kyoto Treaty his plans for this country would be demeaning at best, and would damage our economy greatly at the worst.Let’s look for sincerity, not glibness. And facts, not “Hog Wash.”Imagine our service men and women being required to wear U.N. uniforms under the U.N. flag! How humiliating!Don’t ever forget – “Trial lawyers destroy jobs. Businessmen create jobs.”Sincerely yours,Richard MoolickGlenwood SpringsWalcher is best qualified in 3rd District raceDear Editor,Meaningful experience in water and understanding Washington bureaucracy are invaluable qualifications for an effective 3rd District Congressman. We know personally from working with Greg Walcher for many years that he has both. Greg represented Colorado in negotiations resulting in a landmark Colorado River settlement with California, created a successful water-related endangered species program, and initiated a beneficial settlement of the Park Service water filings in the Black Canyon. In our years of dealing with Colorado water issues, we also know that Greg Walcher’s 10 years of experience in Washington on Senator Armstrong’s staff is invaluable. Despite campaign rhetoric to divert attention from these facts, Greg’s opponent has no comparable experience, even in his own area.We also know personally that Greg has always been loyal to the district and fiercely opposed transbasin diversions. The idea that somehow Greg’s activities as spokesman for the administration on behalf of Referendum A disqualifies Greg for Congress is preposterous.Greg Walcher is clearly the best qualified to be our 3rd District Congressman.Scott McInnis, CongressmanRussell George, director of Department of Natural ResourcesScott Balcomb, Glenwood Springs water attorney

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