Pastor Dan Rose finds his niche in Glenwood |

Pastor Dan Rose finds his niche in Glenwood

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ” Hunting is one of Pastor Dan Rose’s favorite activities.

His broad build, goatee and baseball cap display his disposition. He still resembles a carpenter after years in the business.

“I like duck hunting more than any other type of hunting,” Pastor Dan said, after telling a story of tracking a four-by-four mule deer with a 21-inch spread he took down.

His stories of hunting mule deer or duck fits, it’s part of who he is and what he does.

Even his 14-month-old son is named Hunter.

But when he speaks of his “job” as lead pastor at the Pioneer Faith Community Church in Glenwood Springs, it’s easy to see that he is not your average hunter.

“Being a pastor, the job finds you. It’s not the other way around,” he said. “It’s who I am. It’s what I do.”

Working as a construction superintendent for many years Pastor Dan found himself searching for something more. But being as he’d never regularly attended church, he’d never had a relationship with the lord.

But like he said, the job found him.

“Construction never seemed to be enough for me,” he said sitting in the comfortable church on 10th Street and Blake Avenue. “One day, God made sense.”

His explanation is as simple as his relaxed the golf-shirt and blue jeans he wears. That’s the same attire he picks even while preaching on Sunday, because that’s who he is. There is no gray area to Pastor Dan. If you know him you know all of him.

Like many who live in the Roaring Fork Valley, it didn’t take long before Pastor Dan fell in love with Glenwood Springs.

“We were only here five minutes,” Pastor Dan said. “That’s how long it took for us to know that this is where we were supposed to be.”

It felt as comfortable as his worn blue jeans.

He and his wife, Courtney, moved here soon after the initial visit from Buena Vista. His purpose? To start a chapter of the Nazareen Church in town.

“I saw the promise here,” he said. “There was a lot of momentum here already that something could be built here.”

It’s been just over three years, in that time, he’s built his church and found a community that fits his easy-going style. It didn’t take long before he was looking for other ways to help around town.

Before long, Pastor Dan met Glenwood Springs Fire Chief Mike Piper shortly after the previous fire chaplain resigned. It wasn’t that Pastor Dan was looking for the job, but as things tend to happen, it sort of found him. He felt it was part of his duty to the community and the fire department for their service.

“The beautiful part of my job is getting to participate in the best parts of peoples’ lives, like births and weddings,” he said. “I also get to be there during the difficult times too, like death. In one day, in a matter of hours, I can see both.”

He assists in death notifications for the police department as well. Another part of the job that he didn’t go looking for but that found him. It’s an important aspect and he’s grateful to be able to help in his own way.

“There is no type of training that prepares you for it,” he said. “It’s turned into something good for us both. Most people don’t really like police until they need one. I try to be there for them and the fire department. They may need to speak with me about whatever, I’m here for them.”

Pastor Dan has delivered food to both the police and fore department on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Being available for people, even if it’s just to listen, gives Pastor Dan what he was searching for, a purpose.

He may not look the part, but then again, you’re never supposed to judge a book by its cover. Or a pastor for that matter.

It’s who he is. It’s what he does.

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