Patriotism demands opposing war against Iraq |

Patriotism demands opposing war against Iraq

Dear Editor,

“Proud to be an American”? Personally, I’m ashamed of my country. And all you folks with those little flags on your cars should be too! Our government is openly discussing and plotting to initiate war on Iraq because they suspect that Iraq “could” have weapons of mass destruction which they “may” use on us (at least that is what they would have us believe; I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with the fact that Iraq is sitting on the world’s second largest oil reserve).

This is not the behavior of sane men. In fact, it seems quite paranoid. Take note that none of our allies in the “war on terrorism” support an attack on Iraq.

By their actions, our leaders are telling the world that we are hypocrites of the highest magnitude. The entire premise of our legal system is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Are we really going to start attacking other countries to prevent what they might do to harm us? If this is so, then where will it end? Are we going to take on the entire “axis of evil”? Is Iran next? How about North Korea?

If we initiate war against a nation which has yet to attack us, then America will have begun its slow and certain slide into becoming that which we claim to despise: a nation of fearful and ignorant people governed by insane leaders who have far too many weapons of mass destruction at their disposal! In essence “we” will have become “them”.

If you truly believe in what America stands for (“… and justice for all”), then you must be outraged by the actions of our government. Please show your patriotism by informing our government representatives that the United States must not initiate war against other nations except in response to direct attacks against our lands and citizens.

I’ll even make it easy for you:

Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell

Phone: 303-843-4100

Sen. Wayne Allard

Phone: 303-220-7414

Rep. Scott McInnis

Phone: 970-928-0637

Bruce Gray


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