Patti "Rock Star" Sunday Profile featured on Denver's 9NEWS |

Patti “Rock Star” Sunday Profile featured on Denver’s 9NEWS

Denver's 9NEWS.

On April 28 the Post independent published a Sunday Profile story featuring Patti “Rock Star” Neuroth, the owner of High Country Gems and Minerals, one of Glenwood Springs’ oldest locally owned shops.

In a video that acompanies the story, Neuroth shows one of her proudest possessions, a geode that she came across in one of the many rock shows she attends every year.

When popped open, the geode reveals a perfect seven-pointed star inside.

Neuroth tries to share the “miracle” geode with everyone who visits the downtown rock shop, and now, she may have more visitors coming.

The story of Patti’s star geo was shared on TV by 9NEWS, an NBC affiliate in Denver.

Watch it:

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