Peace Coalition will desist when Bush does |

Peace Coalition will desist when Bush does

Calvin Lee

Dear Editor,

President Bush has been repeatedly saying “Iraq” in the same sentence as “9-11” to make people think that war against Iraq is justified, even though no evidence exists to link Iraq with Sept. 11, 2001. President Bush politicized 9-11, causing the death of thousands of Americans and Iraqis. In the ultimate disrespect for the victims of 9-11, the Bush administration has used 9-11 to wage an immoral war.

As Christians believe, the victims of 9-11 are now as one with God and Christ, and they would not want their deaths to be justification for anger and violence. The victims would at least want any government action to be based on the truth.

The speakers at Sopris Park, Carbondale, mourned the loss of life and urged that 9-11 be an occasion to honor the victims by finding a way to a just and peaceful world.

Mayor Michael Hassig was not the only elected official at the ceremony. Other elected politicians, appointed officials, and community leaders were present. They joined 103 other people not satisfied with just watching television broadcasts showing families’ grief juxtaposed with Bush’s demand for more war.

What the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition has to say resonates with many dismayed by the mendacity of the Bush administration and hungry for a message of peace. The Coalition wants “We will never forget” to mean something more than “Bring ’em on.” When Bush decides to give it a rest, the Coalition will gladly give it a rest.

Calvin Lee

Roaring Fork Peace Coalition


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