Peace demonstrators should rejoice in their victories |

Peace demonstrators should rejoice in their victories

Sue Gray

Dear Editor,

Those of us who demonstrate for peace should not be discouraged by the Bush administration’s decision to attack Iraq. Instead, we should rejoice in our victories. There is, for the first time in history, a worldwide dialogue for peace, compassion, and justice.

The violent attack on Iraq has begun, but the dialogue need not end. This is not just about preventing one war, but preventing all war, because the use of violence as a solution to conflict is immoral, and war is simply barbaric.

Thanks to worldwide peace activism, awareness is spreading rapidly across the planet, bringing about great changes in the thoughts and actions of the human family. Courageous Americans must continue to work for the future of peace, despite those who label us unpatriotic or even Communist.

It’s ironic that people who oppose the peace movement first state the fact that people died for our freedom to dissent, then say we should leave America and go live in Iraq. If I can’t exercise my rights, then the people who died for my freedom to do so, died for nothing. If Americans are not allowed to voice opposition to our government’s policies, we might as well be living in Iraq, but instead, maybe those who don’t like political dissent would be happier living in a country where it is not allowed.

As for me, I’ll stay and use my Constitutional right to demonstrate for America’s participation in the creation of a peaceful world.

Sue Gray


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