Peace is only possible by choice |

Peace is only possible by choice

Eloise Ilgen

Dear Editor,

In the school I attended some of us were on the honor system. Opportunity for knowledge and expert instruction was given all students; we were responsible to actively pursue this knowledge and instruction at our own pace and volition. If we cheated or were not dedicated, the only punishment would be to cause ourselves to fail.

This attitude also extends to Iraq. World peace will only be accomplished through love and responsibility for self-determination. A statement similar to the following must be sent to Iraq:

Dear People of Iraq,

You have been given the opportunity to live in peace, freedom and prosperity; it is your responsibility to make it happen. We will help you, for one year only, to:

1. Secure your borders.

2. Take a population census.

3. If you are divided into ethnic groups, you will establish borders for those states and send representatives to your central government.

It is your responsibility to:

A. Discourage terrorists’ activities, with our help.

B. Share the wealth of your country as you choose.

C. Decide which companies shall rebuild your country and which shall purchase your oil.

You have one year; it’s up to you.


The United States of America.

Eloise Ilgen


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